3 Ways Going Green Can Cut Car Insurance Costs

There are many reasons for Americans to “go green” in our everyday lives—like saving the planet and preserving it for our children. But, did you also know that eco-friendly decisions like going green can cut your insurance costs? So, in celebration of Earth Day, we want to offer a few suggestions for shrinking your premiums while also helping the environment.


Look for low-mileage discounts.

The more miles you drive, the more gas you consume and the more exhaust you pump into the atmosphere. Try walking and biking whenever possible to reduce your mileage and your carbon footprint.

If you can cut back enough on your driving time, you might be eligible for a low-mileage discount from your auto insurance provider. Some companies may want you to install a small device in your vehicle to monitor your driving habits, but depending on various factors, you could save as much as 50% on your insurance premiums.


Go paperless.

Even in our digital world, Americans still use 85 million tons of paper per year. Some insurance companies are helping to reduce that number by offering discounts to customers who sign documents online or opt for paperless billing and electronic payments.


Ride a motorcycle or scooter.

Environmental experts say there are pros and cons to driving motorcycles and scooters instead of cars or trucks. They’re not necessarily greener choices. However, these vehicles typically consume less gas than other types of motorized transportation—and, they’re often cheaper to insure. If you choose to drive one, opt for a newer model made with more advanced technologies and a smaller frame with high fuel efficiency.


Of course, if you want to know more about which companies offer discounts to eco-friendly customers, a Hibbs agent will be happy to give you more information. Just call us today at 270-554-2105.