5 Fall Driving Hazards that Could Ruin an Autumn Day

One of the best ways to spend an autumn afternoon is to drive through the countryside, enjoying the season’s colors. You just need to be careful. Keep these fall driving hazards in mind as you head down the road.


Slippery roads


Rain and leaves create some of the most prevalent fall driving hazards. Both are common throughout the season and can cause your tires to lose traction in a heartbeat. So, slow down and watch for leaf buildup on the asphalt.




School has been back in session for a while now, but you must always watch for children crossing the streets, especially in school zones. They may even be playing in leaf piles by the side of a road, so stay vigilant.




Animals, especially deer, are more active in autumn and are common fall driving hazards. According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, animal-strike-related insurance claims rise from August to November and peak at twice the yearly average. So, watch carefully as you drive, especially when wildlife is most active at dawn and dusk.




Because the days get shorter in the fall, you drive more at night. Darkness can compromise your depth perception and peripheral vision, and oncoming headlights may temporarily blind you. So, increase your typical following distance, and check your headlights and brake lights to ensure they’re working correctly.


Low Tire Pressure


Cooling temperatures cause your tires to lose air faster than usual. So, check the pressure often and ensure they stay properly inflated. You can find the correct pressure in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.


Of course, preparing for an accident is still a good idea. And fall is the perfect time to review your auto insurance and shop for a better rate. So, call a Hibbs agent today and get a quote.