Should Newlyweds Combine Auto Insurance?

Wedding season is approaching and engaged couples—possibly like you—have been weighing a million choices. Where are you going to get married? How many people will you invite? What music should you play at the ceremony? And, what food will you serve at the reception? But few couples consider the myriad of decisions that come after they say, “I do.” For instance, at some point, you’ll have to decide if you should combine auto insurance policies.


Fortunately, we have an answer: most likely yes, you should.


Why should newlyweds combine auto insurance policies?


For most couples, combining auto insurance policies will bring your premium down because many insurance companies see married people as less of a risk for accidents and costly payouts. Plus, if you have two cars on the same policy, then you might be able to get a multi-car discount.


Of course, if you have been living with your parents and driving under their insurance before getting married, then you need to check your car title. Their names might be listed on it, so you’ll need to have it transferred over to you before seeking your own insurance. Don’t wait to take care of this. For liability reasons, your parents won’t want to keep insuring you if you no longer live with them.


Are there instances when newlyweds should not combine policies?


Occasionally, it might be cheaper to maintain separate policies, such as when one spouse has an unfortunate driving record. That spouse’s record may or may not increase the premium for the couple so much that it would be cheaper to keep the coverages separate. You’ll just have to get quotes and compare.


However, if you do choose to maintain two policies, then each of you will have to list the other on your coverage. Most companies will allow other drivers in a household to be listed on a policy and not rated as long as those drivers are insured elsewhere.


If you need any further guidance on how to get properly insured as newlyweds, call us at 270-554-2105. We’ll help you figure it out.