Why Did My Auto Insurance Premium Go Up?

Unfortunately, auto insurance rates aren’t guaranteed to stay the same. We wish they were, but the reality is that you might see your premium rise over time and for a number of reasons. Some of those factors you can control and some you can’t. Let’s a take look at what may cause an auto insurance premium to go up.



Traffic violations that involve a moving vehicle, like DUIs or multiple speeding tickets, can affect your insurance premium. Insurance companies believe these incidents indicate that you are more likely to have an accident and file a claim than a driver without violations, so they raise your rate. The good news is that violations involving a motionless vehicle, like parking tickets, will not affect your premium.



It’s no secret that at-fault accidents will cause your premium to rise. However, you might not realize that accidents in which you are deemed not at-fault can also cause a jump in your rate, depending on what’s allowed in your state.

Other accidents can also cause rate hikes, depending on your insurance company and state. Sometimes, comprehensive claims that involve theft, vandalism, weather damage and other acts of nature can affect your premium, as well.


Adding or removing a vehicle from your policy

Obviously, an additional vehicle on your insurance policy will increase the rate, as will an additional driver. However, removing a car can cause the premium to rise, as well, if you previously received a discount by covering multiple vehicles at once.


Loss of a discount

You may lose discounts for various reasons, depending on your particular deal. For example, any discount you receive for switching insurance will eventually lapse and you also might lose a “claim-free” discount if you’re found at-fault for an accident.


Change of address

Insurance rates vary by ZIP code, so if you move to a place with higher rates, then your own premium may rise to match.


Medical conditions

If you get diagnosed with a medical condition that could increase your risk of having an accident, then your insurance premium could reflect that.


Of course, these are just a few of the reasons why auto insurance rates change. If you want to take a deeper look at your policy, contact a Hibbs Insurance agent at 270-554-2105.