Christmas Tree

There is nothing like the smell of a live Christmas tree during the holiday season. For many, the hunt for a live tree is a part of their family’s holiday traditions. However, it’s important to take the proper precautions when making the choice to use a live tree to make certain for a safe and happy holiday season.

1. Select a fresh tree.

Old and dried out trees have a higher probability of catching fire. Fresh trees have a higher concentration of water in then. A test to see if your tree is fresh, try bending the needles. The needles of a fresh tree won’t break easily.

2. Water your tree daily.

If you choose to use a live tree this year, select a base that can hold up to a gallon of water. The more water your tree is exposed to the less likely your tree will catch fire. Be sure to water your tree daily to keep it moist and fresh.

3. Keep away from heaters, fireplaces, and air vents.

Heaters, fireplaces, and air vents will not only try out your tree but could cause your tree to catch fire. Intentionally placing your tree in a safe location is vital to keeping the security of your home.

4. Use undamaged lighting.

Before stringing Christmas lights on your tree, check the cord for any rips, tears, or open wires. Damaged Christmas lights greatly increase your risk for a tree fire.

5. Dispose your tree 30 days after purchase.

Although not many people enjoy taking down and cleaning up the Christmas decorations, it’s important to dispose of any live trees within 30 days of their purchase. Avoid burning the tree yourself, this could cause an untamed fire. Many communities offer a recycling center you could take your tree.


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We hope these tips save you from any unwanted tree mishaps this holiday season.

We hope you have a happy and safe Christmas!