4 Tips for Backyard Safety

The heat should ease up soon, and that means your family will be spending more time in the backyard. Maybe your kids will spend hours on your playset after school or you’ll host a party or two. No matter who spends time outside your home, you want to make sure it’s safe. That’s why we’ve compiled four tips for backyard safety, not just to keep your family safe from injuries but also lawsuits.


Be careful with your grille and fire pit.

Keep up the maintenance on your grille and fire pit and clean them regularly. Also, keep your fires small and extinguish them completely before heading in for the night, and always place your firepit on a patio or another nonflammable surface—never place it directly on grass.


Check your trampoline.

Inspect your trampoline fabric and springs every year, looking for wear and tear. Make sure the hooks, springs, and frame are fully covered by a pad, and consider installing a cage to keep your smallest children from falling off. You’ll probably want to lay down ground rules, as well, such as limiting jumpers to one at a time.


Prioritize pool safety.

Install a fence around your pool that stands at least four feet high and includes self-locking and self-closing gates. Also, keep up with the maintenance required for backyard pools, especially for the drains and suction covers, and keep life jackets and first aid items handy. Of course, an adult should always be present while children swim to watch for accidents and to enforce pool safety rules.


Inspect your playset.

Your kids will have a blast on your playset, as long as they avoid injury. Keep the metal chains and slides from getting too hot in the sun by setting up an awning, and then check the set for bad bolts or rotten wood that need repair. You’ll want to make sure the set is erected on level ground, as well, and spread plenty of wood chips, sand, or rubber mulch under it to help cushion falls.


Finally, review your home insurance policy and make sure you have enough coverage to take care of any accidents that may occur while your family and friends enjoy your backyard. Call us at 270-554-4533 to discuss your policy.