The 5 Most Common Home Insurance Claims Our Clients Make

Just about anything can happen to your house—from housefires to tornadoes to vandalism. But it’s important to know which disasters happen most often so you can check your policy to make sure you’ve got enough coverage for the trials you will most likely face. To help you out, we’ve listed the most common home insurance claims we see at Hibbs Insurance Agency.


Wind and hail.


Strong wind and hail can wreck nearly any home, no matter how well you maintain it. This weather can damage your roof, topple trees, rip off siding, etc. Fortunately, most home insurance policies include coverage for wind and hail damage. Still, you might want to consider installing some good storm windows.


Water damage.


If you’ve read our Home Insurance 101 post, you know the typical policy doesn’t cover flooding. However, you can usually file home insurance claims for damage caused by plumbing failures, accidents, and rainwater. Many people in this region experience frozen pipes during the winter that subsequently burst and flood entire rooms. Homeowners can often claim this damage, but it’s better to prevent the problem.




Break-ins can happen anytime, so you might feel relieved to know that most home insurance policies cover theft. However, you need to maintain accurate personal property records and add extra coverage for expensive valuables. Otherwise, you might encounter problems with your claim.


Fire and lightning


A fire is one of the most devastating perils you can face because it could potentially destroy your entire home. So, check your policy now to make sure you’ve got enough coverage for a rebuild. Also, learn the difference between actual cash value, replacement cost, extended replacement cost, and guaranteed replacement cost coverage. These terms refer to the way a carrier will settle your home insurance claims.


Personal Liability


Most home insurance includes personal liability coverage in case someone gets injured on your property. It covers medical bills and legal costs associated with the accident. However, many policies only offer up to $100,000 in liability, and that’s often too little. Litigation costs can easily soar above that amount. So, consider adding an umbrella policy that raises the limit.


Call us if you have any questions about home insurance claims and coverage. We can help you find the right policy for your situation.