Common Moving Mistakes You Can Avoid



Moving Day

Moving is a big job! Get a head start by organizing your belongings according to what category of material they’re made of and create an inventory. Take that inventory list and create a checklist to mark off on as each object goes into a box. To ensure that all of your prized possessions and grandma’s china make it to your new home OK, take your time and follow these steps!


Choose a moving company to relocate important items like inherited pianos, wardrobes, and the likes. These specialists have all of the strength and proper equipment to set your items safely on the moving truck. Not only does this eliminate the need to manhandle these huge monsters, some moving companies offer insurance for your items. Well discussed moving plans can even help items make it home into their new location unscathed, down to the perfect corner of the living room. Speak with an agent beforehand to see if your home insurance policy could also cover these items during the move.


Take small valuables with you. Save movers from the headache of responsibility for small irreplaceable items. Keep your valuables, jewelry, and paper documents with you in the car so you can keep up with them for the time in-between moves. A lockbox or small safe container can also seal them away from the elements and people you aren’t familiar with.


Tape, wrap, and protect your glass! Painters tape around frames of photos and painting will keep the glass from wiggling on the bumpy car ride. Wrap your china in newspaper and layer similar objects to fill a box snuggly. Vases and other hollow glass objects should be filled and wrapped with layers of paper as well. Place them on top of a layer or soft moving material.


Be sure to seal off all your boxes only after you have filled them to the brim with packing material. This extra fluff may seem extravagant but it will prevent boxes from caving in, making it possible to layer things in the back of the truck safely and secure.

When you arrive at your new home, pull out that checklist. It’s time to find a new home for all the belongings that you admire, their purpose once more enshrined. Place your fine china in the curio, and throw your feet up on the footrest. Let the sun set on your hard day’s work and find peace and quiet to unwind from the day. Be sure to mark your calendar for an appointment with your insurance agent to discuss a policy for your new home.