Five quirky ideas for Family Fun Month

There’s no better way to finish off the summer than by celebrating National Family Fun Month. Every year, people set August aside to focus on family and make memories. We’re all about family at Hibbs Insurance, so we’ve put together a few quirky ideas for having a good time with your spouse and kiddos.


Build a fort.


Fashion a castle out of cardboard boxes and duct tape. Collect discarded wood and build a treehouse. String blankets from a tree. You can make a fort out of just about any material, so gather your children and get to work. They’ll love this chance to imagine and create.


Camp out in your backyard.


Camping trips are ways to enjoy family fun, but they can also be a hassle. However, camping trips to the backyard are always easy, so pitch a tent—or sleep inside that fort you built! Just don’t forget to pack junk food and prepare some scary stories.


Celebrate weird holidays.


August doesn’t have any widely celebrated national holidays—but it does have a few odd ones. Ramp up the family fun with some friendly competition on National Disc Golf Day or enjoy delicious dessert on National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. You could even host a neighborhood water fight on National Water Balloon Day.


Organize a photo contest.


Give your children a theme and a location and let them loose to explore their inner photographers. After a few hours, take a look at the images and vote on who snagged the best shot. You could even award a prize to the winner—like an entire week without chores!


Hold races.


Get in your golf cart, hop on your dirt bike, or climb into your boat and put the pedal to the metal. Set up a course and time each member of your family to see who drives best.



Of course, if you’re going to host races—or even drive somewhere for family fun—you’ll need the proper insurance. Don’t let insufficient insurance policies ruin your summer activities. Contact a Hibbs agent to find the right coverage.