Five Tips for Keeping Trees Healthy

Trees play vital roles in our ecosystems. They manufacture oxygen and store carbon. They prevent landslides by holding soil in place, and they provide homes for many species of wildlife. Plus, these massive plants also keep our homes and towns beautiful. As Arbor Day approaches on April 26th, we want to offer a few tips for keeping trees healthy and strong.



Place 3 inches of mulch in a 3-foot ring around the base of your tree to trap moisture in the soil and to help keep the weeds at bay. You should also leave a 3-inch space between the tree and the mulch.



Trees need plenty of water to stay healthy. If your area is experiencing a dry spell, you can turn a hose on low for half an hour and leave it at the base of your tree. Or, you can place a five-gallon bucket with holes at the bottom near the trunk. Fill it up five days per week.



You’ll want to cut dead or dying limbs to make room for new growth and to keep branches away from your home. Make sure your tools are sharp and sanitize them before pruning different types of trees. Also, always cut to a bud, lateral branch, or main trunk, but don’t make a flush cut. Trim right above the branch collar.



Keep lawn mowers, weed whackers, and animals away from the tree trunk so they won’t damage the bark or root system. Also, avoid hanging swings or other items from the branches because they can wear away the bark.


Control Pests and diseases

Watch out for signs of pests or diseases, like fungi or spots that form on leaves. If you spot pests, you can always fight them with an insect control formula or call a landscape professional. You can also buy fungicides to help with diseases, but if your tree becomes too sick, you might have to remove it.


Tree care is an important part of homeownership because dying branches and rotting trunks frequently fall and damage houses and property. Schedule an appointment with your agent to go over your homeowner’s policy and make sure all updates are accounted for and your coverage is adequate for your current needs.