How to Prevent Fire and Water Damage with Home Appliance Care

There’s more on the line regarding home appliance care than the health of your machines. In fact, some can put your home at risk for fire or water damage if they don’t get proper care. So, we’ve listed a few ways to keep the appliances running your life in working order.


Clear your dryer exhaust.


Eventually, lint will clog a dryer exhaust and create a fire hazard. So, occasionally detach it from the machine and clean it with your hands or a coat hanger. Then, vacuum the tube thoroughly and replace it.


Clean or replace your range hood.


A dirty range hood contains grease buildup, so the tiniest spark could start a fire. Therefore, one of the biggest rules of home appliance care is to scrub the filter periodically. If it’s metal, clean it in your dishwasher or by handwashing it in warm, soapy water. Charcoal and paper filters should be replaced.


Clean your garbage disposal.


Shut your garbage disposal off and use tongs to clear any blockages inside it. Then, pour ice cubes down the drain and run cold water down it for about 10 seconds. Finally, remove bad smells by running citrus peels through the machine.


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Check your washing machine hose.


A leaky washing machine will cause water damage before you know it. So, regularly inspect the appliance’s hose. Look for cracks and weak spots and replace the part if you find issues.


Check your oven door seal.


Your food may not cook quickly or evenly with a damaged oven door seal. So, check it if you notice any problems while preparing meals. Simply open it and feel the rubber or fiberglass material around the door. Look for broken or torn areas and see if you can detect leaks when the oven is closed. Then, replace the seal if you find a problem.


It’s easy to get caught up in life and ignore home appliance care—but don’t. A well-kept home is a safe home. However, your Hibbs agent can also help you find the right home insurance policy in case of an accident. Call today.