4 Ideas for Perfect Backyard Tailgate Party

This fall, families everywhere will gather around their televisions to enjoy one of the country’s most celebrated traditions: football season. And, as the leaves change and the temperatures cool, it’s the perfect time to invite friends over and take the football party outdoors. However, you want to make your event memorable. Anyone can by a pizza and some generic beers for a backyard get-together, but we’ve got a few ideas that will take your tailgate party from decent to outstanding.


1. Set up a projector and screen.

Keep the backyard party in the backyard! Don’t move inside when the game starts. Just hang a white sheet or set up a screen and enjoy it outside, in the autumn air.


2. Get creative with the snacks.

You can brighten up any party with a fun food experience. Set up snack bars with s’mores ingredients and varieties of popcorn or make a huge pot of chili and let people add their own toppings. You can also invite guests to participate in a “guac off” and see who brings the best homemade guacamole.


3. Play a variety of games.

 Add more fun to the event with a few lawn games. Set up lawn darts, cornhole, or some other outdoor activity and invite people to participate. Children especially will appreciate the extra opportunities to play.


4. Have fun with the drinks.

Beer is the quintessential game drink, but you can get creative with the way you serve it. Ask people to bring their favorite brands and make a tasting table or create a few beer cocktails to elevate your party experience.


Of course, before you host any party, you should make sure your home insurance will adequately cover any accident your guests may suffer. Call us at 270-554-2105 to make sure you’re covered and can party without a care in the world!