Common Signs of Cancer

The American Cancer Society spends every April raising awareness of the cancer threat to minorities. In the United States, these groups battle the disease at a disproportionate rate. As a way to support the ACS, we’re devoting this week’s blog to cancer signs and symptoms. Please note that you don’t necessarily have cancer if you exhibit any of these signs. Other issues can cause them, as well, but you might want to talk to your doctor if you notice any of the following signs of cancer:


Common Warning Signs for Cancer


  • Unexplained weight loss: You lose 10 pounds or more in a short period of time and for no apparent reason.
  • Skin changes: Your skin takes on a yellowish, reddened, or darker color. You might even notice itching or excessive hair growth.
  • Fatigue: You feel extremely tired, and rest doesn’t help.
  • Fever: Your temperature often rises when cancer has spread from its original location.
  • Blood in your urine or stool: This isn’t always a sign of cancer, but your doctor can confirm.
  • Heartburn or indigestion: You should call your doctor if you notice these problems often and if they become particularly painful.
  • Pain: This symptom often occurs when cancer has spread.
  • Unusual lumps or swelling: Always see a doctor when you notice unusual lumps or growths, especially on your breast, testicle, stomach, groin, neck, armpit, or chest.


Other Changes

 There are many other signs and symptoms of cancer, so always mention any significant changes in your body to your doctor.


Be Ready

We hope you never have to deal with the pain of cancer. But difficult things happen in life, and it helps to be prepared. Call us today at 270-554-2105 and find the right life insurance that will take care of your family if the worst happens.


For more information about cancer and its warning signs, visit the American Cancer Society website.