Flooding: Are You Prepared?



Flooding in our region

In 1937 during the depths of the great depression, homes and businesses from Pittsburg to Cairo Illinois were damaged during the flood of the Ohio river. Rescue crews were able to rescue many survivors who were stranded on their roofs for days on end. After the flood waters subsided folks began to check in with their friends and neighbors. What they found was that many were forced to return to damaged building that was unsafe.

What we know now

Fortunately, we are now under better defense against from river because of the flood walls installed by the army corp of engineers, ensuring this kind of disaster will likely never happen again. Even so, damaging rainfall is still a major issue in our area because of overflowing inland waterways such as drain backups and ditches. Don’t wait for an impending flood to hit! Our agents are living in YOUR community and promise to provide the most personal experience. Our family recognizes the peace of mind that proper insurance can bring to you and yours!

Flood Preperation

With regular flood insurance up a certain amount of your property is covered, if your property is valued at more than the statute limit you can also purchase excess coverage. Most usual items covered include your home and it’s foundation, electrical and plumbing systems, HVAC equipment like air conditioning, furnaces, and water heaters, as well as personal property. Outside issues such as trees and patios hot tubs are not covered but may be covered under other policies.