Special Event Insurance 101:
How to Protect Parties, Sports Games, Etc.

Christmas is a time for events. Towns organize holiday parades, corporations host massive parties, and churches stage epic nativity plays. Seasonal celebrations seem to get bigger and bigger every year—which, unfortunately, means they also come with increased liability risks. That’s why we sell special event insurance.


If you’re planning a holiday performance or soiree, you need to protect your investment. So, learn what you can about special event policies.


What types of events are protected by special event insurance?

You can find a policy for nearly any kind of significant event, from sports games to benefit concerts to upscale weddings. If it involves people and potential liability, then you can probably insure it.


When should I apply for coverage?

It’s best to shop for insurance as soon as you start planning an event. Some venues and locations require proof of insurance before you can even book or receive a permit. That’s why special event insurance should be high on your to-do list. Plus, the application process can take some time, so it’s best to start as soon as possible.


Can I add vendors to my policy as additional insureds?

Yes! You can list musicians, photographers, caterers, etc., as additional insureds. Talk to your Hibbs agent about adding them to your policy.


Will my special event insurance policy cover property?

Of course. You can find a policy that will cover property damage during your event and offer liability protection against any injuries that happen on the grounds.   


What is a waiver of subrogation?

Suppose your insurance company loses money because of someone else’s negligence. In that case, it can sue the guilty party to recover the funds. That’s called “subrogation.” Some venues require you to sign a waiver of subrogation so they can’t be sued. Many insurance carriers will allow you to sign such a document if it’s done before an incident.  


Should I get liquor liability insurance?

That depends. Will attendees be consuming alcohol at your event? If so, then yes, you absolutely need coverage for liability protection against alcohol-related accidents. Never take chances with drunk people.


If you have any questions about special event insurance, our Hibbs agents are ready to answer. Give us a call.