How to Find a Life Insurance Policy After a Loved One Passes Away

It’s not easy to settle a loved one’s affairs after they pass away. You often must sort through endless paperwork and sift through countless online accounts. Sometimes, you may not even know what assets your late friend or family member owned—such as investments, property, or life insurance. Fortunately, there are ways to at least find a life insurance policy and discover whether you’re a beneficiary. Let’s talk about a few.


Online Search


One of the easiest ways to find a life insurance policy is to search online. Just use the policy locator tool from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. You’ll need the following information about your loved one:


Social Security Number

Legal first and last name

Date of birth

Date of death


Or you could search the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators website. This organization helps locate unclaimed property across the country, and you might be able to find a life insurance policy on its site. You could also try searching on


Personal Documents


You’ll probably sift through piles of personal papers in the months after a loved one’s death. And when you do, look for evidence of life insurance coverage. You could also check safety deposit boxes, email, or physical mail for policy documentation. If those don’t work, try accessing bank records to look for premium payments.


Talk to an Accountant, Lawyer, Employer, or Financial Advisor


If you can’t find a life insurance policy at your loved one’s home, talk to those who may have insight into their financial situation. For example, an accountant, lawyer, or financial advisor will probably have a good idea of the assets and can help if you’re an estate executor or close kin. You could also check with the person’s employer to see if their company had a group life insurance policy.


Once you find the policy, you can file a claim as a listed beneficiary. Your Hibbs agent can answer any questions you may have about the process.