September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month.  Life Insurance Awareness Month is a nationwide campaign created in 2004 by Life Happens: an organization dedicated to educating consumers on financial products and topics.

According to the 2018 Insurance Barometer Study by Life Happens, 84% of people believe they need life insurance yet only 59% of people have it.

There are a variety of reasons for this. Often people are guilty of believing they are too young for life insurance or they think, “I will get to it someday.”   

Life is unpredictable. What happens if someday never comes? Here at Hibbs Insurance, we’ve heard terrible stories about individuals who suddenly and unexpectedly suffer the loss of the primary breadwinner of their families. These people insured their automobiles and homes, but they didn’t get around to insuring their family’s livelihood. This is a critical piece. Your family’s livelihood is what supports your ability to have the other.

If your family suffers the unexpected loss of you, they not only have to create a new normal without you, but if you lack life insurance, they may also have to make difficult financial decisions that could be devastating to their ability to remain financially stable as they come to terms with their grief. Life insurance helps cover bills, pay for your funeral costs, and replace lost income.

A Message From Mike About the Importance of Life Insurance

We don’t want you to be in this situation. We urge you to sit down today and discuss your life insurance needs with your family. Life insurance is affordable. Use our life insurance calculator to help you calculate your life insurance needs. If you prefer, call us to discuss what options are available to you.

Most people intend to buy life insurance eventually.  Don’t let that eventually turn in to your family’s “if only.”