Tips for Buying an RV

Your engine is started, and your kids are buckled in their seats. All the items you need for the next few weeks are packed away neatly in the cubbies and cupboards of your RV. It’s time to hit the open road! This is the vacation dream for many families because a quality RV can provide years’ worth of affordable adventure. On the other hand, a damaged or ill-suited vehicle also might turn a relaxing vacation into a frustrating debacle. So, if you’re shopping for a new RV, consider a few things before you buy.


How will you use the recreational vehicle?


Are you going to live in your RV or use it a few times per year? Are you going to drive it through snow and frigid temperatures or stay in balmier parts of the country? How many people does it need to hold?


Explore all of these questions and then make a list of the features you might need. If you’re going to stick to RV parks and campgrounds with electricity and Wi-Fi, you won’t need to worry as much about generator or tank capacity. However, if you plan to camp in more rustic areas, you need to make sure your RV can handle that. Also, check the insulation and heating capacity if you plan to camp in snowy spots, and if you are taking children on your adventures, consider buying a vehicle with a slide-out compartment.


Every detail is important, so make sure you think them through.  


Should you buy new or used?


New RVs have less wear and potential damage, and they come with the latest technologies that could make your life easier. However, they also tend to be expensive and necessitate higher insurance premiums.


Used RVs are quite a bit cheaper, and they depreciate less over time. Plus, the previous owners also might have fixed any of their original quirks. Yet, the opposite could happen, as well. You could run the risk of purchasing a vehicle with hidden damage that could cause problems down the road.   


What are the important features?


Marble countertops look great, but are they critical? RVs can come with fancy features that add up to a hefty purchase price, so look past the leather couches and remember what’s truly important. Does the engine run well? Are the hoses in good shape, and is the wiring solid? Does the vehicle have any leaks?


Remember, you can always make cosmetic adjustments later. Make sure your RV is a quality vehicle before you buy it.


Bonus: Do I have the right insurance coverage?


Make sure your RV is fully covered before ever leaving your driveway. Hibbs Insurance offers can help you tailor coverage to your needs and offers policies with options such as Personal Effect Coverage, Roadside Assistance, and Vacation Liability. Call 270-554-2105 today and ask about safe driver discounts, original owner discounts, package discounts and more.