4 Sled Safety Rules to Ensure Your Kids Have a Happy Snow Day

Western Kentucky usually gets about one good snow per year, typically in January or February. And that time is quickly approaching! So, stock up on bread and milk and review some sled safety rules with your children. Teach them that the best snow day is a safe snow day.


 Choose the right sled.


It sounds fun to race down a hill on random objects, like cafeteria trays or car hoods. But one of the most important sled safety rules is to use an actual sled with a steering mechanism and a brake. The more control a child has over their sled, the better.


Choose the right location.


Find a hill away from frozen lakes and ponds and not too steep or covered in rocks, stumps, and other obstructions. Also, ensure it has a long, flat stretch at the bottom where kids can come to natural stops. And above all, take them to a place where they can’t accidentally sled onto any roads.


Teach children to sled correctly.


A child should always sit feet first in their sled. A face-first trip down a hill can end with a serious head injury. They should also ride with a winter sports helmet, but a bike helmet is better than nothing.


Children 5 and under should ride with adults, and children 12 and under need adult supervision while sledding. It’s never a good idea to take little ones to a sledding hill and drop them off.


Avoid ramps.


Young children love to create jumps out of snow or random objects, but these makeshift constructions can cause nasty accidents. So, it’s best to add “no ramps” to your list of sled safety rules.


Note: You may have the perfect sledding hill on your property. If so, check your home insurance policy before inviting the neighborhood over for a snow day. Make sure you have enough liability insurance to cover any accidents.