5 Tips for Fall Sports Safety

School has started and the fall sports season is in full swing! Now is the time of year when we bus our kids back and forth to various practices and then don the local school colors to cheer them from the stands.  It’s is a magical season full of touchdowns, pom poms, goals, and more—but an injury can ruin it all pretty quickly. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of 5 tips for fall sports safety.


Practice proper conditioning


A lot of sports-related injuries don’t happen in games. They happen in practices, so make sure your children know to warm up and cool down properly every time they head out onto the court or field. Also, make sure they play different kinds of sports during the off-season to decrease their risk of over-use problems.


Drink plenty of water


No matter the time of year, it’s always important for your children to drink plenty of water while they play. This will keep their bodies healthy and help them avoid cramps.


Wear the right gear


Replace your kids’ running shoes every 300-500 miles, and check their helmets, pads, mouth guards, etc., to make sure they fit properly and operate well. You might need to replace gear that’s worn out.


Avoid “Second Impact Syndrome”


Your child should never continue playing after a hit on the head—even if they seem fine. They might develop “second impact syndrome,” in which the brain swells rapidly after experiencing a second concussion.


Don’t over-train


Harder workouts aren’t always better. Teach your children to listen to their bodies and to shorten their training or decrease intensity if they start feeling pain. They should also know not to “play through the pain” of any injury. Instead, they should talk to a sports medicine specialist.