Home Safety: 5 Tips For Traveling During the Holidays

Traveling during the holidays can be risky if you don’t prepare properly. It’s good to take proactive steps to protect your home during the holiday seasons to deter home invaders. Here are a few tips from your local home insurance agents to help protect your home.

1. Let Your Neighbors Know You’ll Be Gone

Your neighbors can keep an eye on your house when you’re gone. If you let them know, they can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and notify police promptly. If you don’t let your neighbors know, they could assume any activity on your property is just your normal, day-to-day routines when in reality it’s an unwanted home invader.

2. Hide Your Valuables

Leaving your valuables in plain view is practically begging for robbers to break into your home. To deter thieves, hide your valuables in unordinary locations. Sock drawers and between mattresses are too easy. Get creative, place your valuables in locations nobody would ever think to look. You know your house better than anyone else. Also consider having a fireproof safe installed into the wall or floor of your home. These cannot be easily carried out by a thief and are sure to protect your valuables.

3. Hire A House Sitter

Having a trusted friend or family member stay at your home while you’re away is one of the best solutions to your holiday travel worries. Thieves won’t know anyone has ever left because there will be someone living out of your home while you’re gone. A house sitter is the best option for your holiday travels.

  • Cut Back Shrubs and Trees
    Cutting back your shrubs and trees around your home will make your house less attractive to thieves. Bushy shrubs and trees make great hiding places for home invaders.
  • Don’t Announce You’re Leaving on Social Media
    Announcing that you’re going out of town on social media is one of the biggest holiday travel mistakes people make every year. Share the pictures and memories on social media after you get back to prevent the wrong people from finding out about your vacation while you’re gone. 
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These holiday travel tips could save you from experiencing a home intruder. However, if you do face a burglary while you’re away for the holidays, no fear, call your Hibbs agent and he or she will walk you through the process.