6 Fall Prevention Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Anyone who works on a job site will get plenty of workplace safety training and know how to prevent accidents. But job sites aren’t the only place where you’ll find hazards, and so it’s important to become aware of risks you face at home. Help keep your friends and family safe with these fall prevention tips.


Fall Prevention Tip #1: Clean up the clutter.


Of course, you should pick clothes, books, and toys up off the floor—but go a bit further. Put wires and cords away, and don’t get in the habit of leaving items on your staircase.


Fall Prevention Tip #2: Install plenty of handrails.


All stairs—inside and outside your home—need two sets of handrails. You should hold at least one every time you use the steps, so don’t go up or down them with your arms full.


Fall Prevention Tip #3: Reconsider your rugs.


Small rugs can become tripping hazards, so think carefully about where you place them and if you need them at all.


Fall Prevention Tip #4: Keep your home well-lit.


Make sure all areas of your home are well-lit, especially places that contain stairs. It’s a good idea to install motion sensor lights outside your house so you never have to find a light switch in the dark.


Fall Prevention Tip #5: Make repairs quickly.


Don’t let any part of your steps, porch, deck, or flooring fall into disrepair. Fix cracks as soon as possible, and nail down any loose carpet in your home. 


Fall Prevention Tip #6: Organize your kitchen thoughtfully.


Place all frequently used food, utensils, and equipment within your reach. If you need to access high cabinets or shelves, use a “reach stick” or a sturdy stool with a handrail.


Of course, no matter how careful you are, accidents can still happen. That’s when home insurance comes in handy. Most policies include general liability coverage, which will helps pay medical bills if someone gets injured in your home. Contact your Hibbs agent today and take a look at your insurance options.