7 Ways to Stay Safe on Black Friday

Black Friday has become a tradition for some families, a harrowing part of the Thanksgiving weekend that mixes great deals with anxious crowds and long lines. You can save a lot of money on holiday gifts, but there’s some risk involved. You might actually get robbed or harmed in the shopping chaos.  Just be smart. Take some precautions—like the ones below—and to stay safe on Black Friday and keep your wits about you throughout the day. Then, you can go home with great memories and bags of sweet deals.


Don’t fight over items.

Not only is this good advice, it’s also good manners. No item is worth a fight.


Only shop with one credit card.

It’s easier to cancel one card than several if your wallet gets stolen.


Keep a close eye on your belongings.

Never set your purse down, and don’t put your wallet in a place where thieves can easily grab it, like a back pocket.   


Designate a meeting spot.

Cell service is notoriously spotty in malls, so if you’re shopping with friends or family, choose a time and location to meet up in case your texts and calls get dropped.


Park in a well-lit area.

Black Friday sales start in the wee hours of the morning, so park your car near a light to minimize your risk of theft.


Hide your shopping bags.

Put your bags in your trunk or hide them under a blanket in your car so they don’t tempt thieves while you’re perusing stores.


Shop safely online.

If you prefer to spend Black Friday on your laptop, make sure you’re only buying from secure sites. You can identify them by the closed padlock icon in the browser bar or the “https” at the beginning of the URL.


Finally, before you head out into the Black Friday fray, we encourage you to update your auto insurance online. Parking lot accidents are all too common on the biggest shopping day of the year, so make sure you have sufficient coverage.