Accident Checklist for Your Teen Driver

Every parent of a teen driver gets nervous when they watch their son or daughter pull out of a driveway. They dread the possibility that their child could call one day with a shaking voice and confess that they’ve been in an accident.


It’s a scary possibility for everyone, but it does happen. And not many new drivers know how to handle the situation. It’s best to talk to your teen before an accident occurs and discuss how they can protect themselves from an insurance nightmare.


Walk through the following list with your child, then print it out and clip it to their vehicle registration. Then, stash it in their glove box. That way, your teen driver will always know what to do in the event of a fender-bender or worse.


Accident Checklist

Check yourself and your passengers for injury. Then, see if people in the other car are hurt. Call 911 if needed.

If you can, drive or move your vehicle to a safe place. If you can’t, put on your hazard lights.

Write down the exact time of the accident.

Don’t accept or place blame. Let the police handle it.

Call the police and cooperate when they arrive.

Take photos of each car and any damage done. Take notes about the accident details. Write down everything you remember including…

  • Year, make, and model of the other car
  • Contact info for the driver and passenger of the other car
  • Location of the accident
  • The speed of your car when the accident happened
  • Names and badge numbers of the police officers who responded to your call
  • Weather and road conditions
  • Names and contact info for any witnesses

Call your parents. More than anything, they will be happy that you’re all right.

Call your insurance agent directly or make sure your parents contact their agent.

Ask the police officers for a copy of the accident report.

Call a tow truck if needed.

File a claim. Hibbs Insurance makes it easy with a handy online form.