Baby Safety Month: Six Tips for Proofing Your Home

If you’re the parent of an infant child, you probably know to cover your electrical outlets so your son or daughter stays safe. But do you also know to anchor your heavy furniture to the walls? That’s why the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association has designated September as Baby Safety Month.


To recognize the importance of baby proofing your home, we’ve compiled a few ideas to help protect your infant.


Take care of the obvious.


Put safety covers on your electrical outlets. Add safety locks to your cabinets and drawers—especially those containing cleaning supplies, alcohol, medicine, or other hazardous substances. Check off the baby safety basics.


Anchor heavy furniture.


A curious child can get into pretty serious situations if you’re not careful. If they climb up on furniture, their weight might throw a heavy chest or entertainment center off balance, and it could crash down upon them. That’s a nightmare scenario, so ease your mind and prioritize baby safety by anchoring this kind of furniture to nearby walls.


Check your houseplants.


Look up the plants in your home to see if they’re poisonous, and if so, move them out of your child’s reach.


Check your blinds.


Many children love to put things around their necks, which gets dangerous when they spy corded window coverings. Replace these with cordless options.


Store purses.


You always have baby safety on your mind and probably store purses and bags out of your child’s reach—but your visitor probably won’t. Add hooks to your wall or create a specific, safe spot where guests can place their belongings.


Create a safe spot where the baby can play while you work.


You can’t spend your entire day following your crawling infant or toddling toddler around your home. Eventually, you will have to clean, cook dinner, or simply use the bathroom. Create a safe spot in your house where your child can play safely while you’re distracted. This could consist of a bouncy seat that immobilizes your son or daughter or a gated area full of age-appropriate toys.


Baby safety tips not only help protect your child from an accident, but they also protect any child visiting your home. However, you should contact one of our agents to ensure your home insurance has sufficient liability coverage in case an accident ever occurs.