Garden Safety Tips: How to Grow Beautiful Plants Without Injury

Grab your spade and gloves—because it’s National Garden Month! That means most of us will spend an upcoming weekend or two in the sun, clearing leaves and weeds and tilling soil. The work is rewarding as long as we stay out of the emergency room. So, before you head outside, read over these basic garden safety guidelines.


Protect your body.

One of the most basic garden safety rules is to always wear gloves. They protect your hands from scrapes and cuts, any chemicals you’re using, and bacteria you might encounter in the soil.

You should also wear insect repellent, sunscreen, and long pants and sleeves.


Use your tools properly.

First, maintain your tools throughout the year to ensure garden safety. Keep them clean, sharp, and rust-free. Remember to sand and oil any wooden parts. Also, regularly check for cracks or other issues.

As you work, make sure you’re using the right tool for your task and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, never use your hands to dig in unfamiliar spots because you never know what harmful debris could lie below the surface.

At the end of your gardening session, unplug electrical tools and store all gardening equipment away from children.


Stay mindful of your body.

Gardening requires repetitive motions, heavy lifting, and time spent crouched near the ground. All of this can cause injury. Follow garden safety guidelines by working in short phases, switching up your tasks. Never pull, rake, or dig too long and irritate your skin, tendons, or nerves. Also, don’t forget to lift heavy planters or bags of soil with your legs and not your back. Finally, try to kneel whenever possible instead of bending over.


Don’t overheat.

Temperatures may not be too high yet, but the heat is coming! So, while working in the garden, remember to stay hydrated and take breaks when you need them. Also, read through our tips for summer gardening.


Know your home insurance.

If a friend or neighbor helps you garden this spring, make sure you understand your home insurance policy and what it covers. That person could get injured on your property, and you might be held liable. So, know how your coverage might handle medical bills or legal fees.

If you have any questions about your policy, give us a call.