8 Golf Cart Safety Tips to Protect You on the Green

It’s hard to think of a golf cart as a dangerous vehicle. It’s slow and easy to drive, so it doesn’t seem like a threat. However, all motorized vehicles can cause injury, so you should be careful behind any wheel. Memorize these golf cart safety tips before your next tee time.


Maintain your machine.


A well-kept cart is a safer cart, so keep up with the maintenance.


Never drink and drive.


This is a hard and fast rule for any vehicle—even a golf cart. We know it’s tempting to sip a beer before heading to the green, but don’t indulge if you’re the driver.


Obey the law.


This golf cart safety tip is also obvious. When steering a golf cart on a street, you’re subject to the same laws as any driver. So, don’t speed, tailgate, or drive recklessly.


Only carry the proper number of passengers.


Golf carts are made to carry a specific number of passengers, so limit riders. Also, don’t let passengers ride on platforms that may be built on the back, sides, or front of your cart. Manufacturers design these for golf bags and other cargo—not for people.


Make sure passengers behave.


Riders should always keep their legs, feet, and arms inside the cart and remain seated while the vehicle is moving.


Pay attention to the weather.


Never operate a golf cart in a thunderstorm because it’s vulnerable to lightning. Instead, keep an eye on the weather and pull over if you’re caught in bad conditions.


Drive slow and smart.


Never drive on gravel or around sharp curves at top speed. In fact, some say you should limit your speed to around 15 miles per hour. Also, never start, accelerate, or stop suddenly. Jerky driving puts your passengers—and other drivers—at risk.


Also, remember to use hand signals if your cart doesn’t have blinkers.


Watch your keys.


Children and unlicensed drivers shouldn’t drive golf carts, so don’t leave your keys unattended in the vehicle. You don’t want joyriders causing havoc while you’re away. Also, remember to set your parking brake before you go, so the cart doesn’t roll.


Yield to pedestrians.


Pedestrians have the right-of-way. Always.


Of course, accidents can still happen—no matter how well you follow golf cart safety guidelines. So, make sure you’ve got enough insurance to cover damages. Call your Hibbs agent today.