National Fire Prevention Week

Americans are vastly unprepared for fires. House fires cause the deaths of seven people per day on average. However, according to a survey from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), only a third of American households have created and practiced a home escape plan. That’s got to change. Since 1922, the NFPA has fought against this lack of preparedness through National Fire Prevention Week (FPW). FPW is the longestrunning public health observance in the United States, and it provides firefighters and other safety advocates an opportunity to educate both adults and children about fire hazards.

FPW takes place in early October to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire, which began on October 8, 1871.


National Fire Prevention 2018 Event


The 2018 National Fire Prevention Week is scheduled for October 7-13 and will use the theme, “Look. Listen. Learn.” This theme encourages the general public to:

1) Look for places a fire could start.

2) Listen for the sound of the smoke alarm.

3) Learn two ways out of every room.

The NFPA also has developed materials to help fire safety advocates during FPW. The organization’s website includes a toolkit, along with safety tip sheets and fire facts.


Home Fire Drill Day


October 13, the last day of FPW, is designated as Home Fire Drill Day, which encourages parents to practice fire drills with their children. The Home Fire Drill Day website even suggests ways to transform drills into fun games for boys and girls, and it offers safety tips and resources to help make the event as productive as possible.

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