5 Ideas for an Inspired Backyard Play Space

The birds are finally singing, and it’s time to turn off the tablets and lead your kids out the door! Get your children excited about spending summer days in the sunshine by giving them a fun place to run, create, and imagine. Check out these simple ideas for building a backyard play area.


Repurpose old tires.


Create a toddler climbing gym by repurposing extra-large truck tires. Then, paint them bright colors and watch your children go. Get easy DIY instructions here.  


Create an art space.


Encourage your children to get imaginative or practice their ABCs in your backyard play area. Hang a chalkboard on your fence or lean a plank of wood against your house and give your little ones a bucket of outdoor chalk for their masterpieces.


Build a playhouse, treehouse, or fort.


The backyard play building is a childhood staple. You can find DIY treehouses and playhouses all over the internet, but you don’t necessarily have to get that fancy—or spend that much money. It’s easy to create a simple fort with PVC pipe and tarp or hang canvas over tree branches. Honestly, the simpler you go, the more you encourage imagination.


Build a mud kitchen.


It’s good for a kid to get messy every once in a while. Grab a few pallets and a plastic tub or old sink and build a mud kitchen. Your children will love making dirt pies in their own backyard play space. Get instructions here.


Install a sandbox or gravel box.


You can easily repurpose an old bookcase into a sandbox, where your children can build castles and fill pails. You could also create a gravel pit with a kiddie pool, some driveway gravel, and toy trucks.  Of course, no matter how you jazz up your backyard for children, you should prioritize safety. Choose only age-appropriate toys and play equipment and follow these backyard safety tips.