5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Will Make Loved Ones Smile

Life is always busy, but it gets even more chaotic during the holidays. Consequently, many people lose track of time and then must scramble for gifts. But fortunately, procrastinators can still purchase incredible gifts for loved ones—even on Christmas Eve. We’ve compiled a few last-minute gift ideas to help out.


A gift card for hobbies


Never underestimate a gift card’s usefulness. Sure, it may seem like an underwhelming gift at first, but Christmas magic happens when you pair the right card with the right person.


For example, a gift card can give cooking lessons to a budding chef or time at a pottery shop to a young artist. You could even purchase your spouse a card for a spa visit or use one to give a “grown-up” nail salon trip to a niece or daughter.


And the best part is you can usually find and purchase cards online within minutes. So, they’re often perfect last-minute gift ideas.


A gift card for services


A parent will ALWAYS love a present that saves them work. So, find gift cards for car washes or maid services. Honestly, a good house cleaning will make any young mother weep for joy.


A toy subscription


Need some last-minute gift ideas that keep giving throughout the year? Purchase a subscription for educational toys if you need a present for a young child. Several companies mail monthly boxes full of age-appropriate toys and activities that help little ones develop important skills. Children and parents love them.


A night off


Buy theater or movie tickets for a loved one and their spouse. And if they have kids, offer to babysit while they’re gone. Date nights always make people smile.


Or purchase a night at a local hotel for an overworked mom or dad. You’ll give them a much-needed break from responsibility, and they will never forget it.


A safe bet

When in doubt, buy expensive jewelry. It’s hard to go wrong with pearl earrings. Just remember to record high-dollar items for insurance purposes and, if necessary, purchase extra home insurance to cover them.