5 Tips for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

The holidays are over, and let’s be honest, we’re all carrying a bit of extra weight into the new year. Now is the time when people renew their gym memberships, buckle down, and commit to healthier habits…for about two weeks.  New year’s resolutions are notoriously hard to keep. In fact, 80% of resolutions fail within six weeks.  But we don’t say that to discourage you. It’s very possible to make long-lasting improvements in your life—you just have to strategize. Here are 5 tips for keeping New Year’s Resolutions


Keep your goals small.

Don’t try to run a marathon on your first day. You’ve got to start small and then build or else, you’ll just get frustrated and give up. Commit to eating healthy one meal a day, running one mile, etc. Once you hit the first target, then you can set a bigger goal.


Tackle one goal at a time.

Change comes slowly, so don’t overwhelm yourself. Just work on one habit at a time. Maybe improve your eating habits and then quit smoking.


Set your sights on an achievement you care about.

You will never change unless you actually want to, so only make goals about which you can feel passionate.


Set a time limit.

Give yourself a reasonable time limit for improving your habits. Don’t rush. Instead, allow yourself to feel the urgency of a deadline to ramp up your motivation.


Give yourself grace.

You’re not perfect, and that’s ok. It’s completely fine if you skip a day or two at the gym because you get busy or if you eat cake for your birthday. Just be patient and start working toward that goal again.


We wish you luck improving your diet, running that marathon, paying off your student loans, or completing whatever resolution you make this year. And, if we can make a suggestion, you might also consider setting a goal to update your insurance policies by the end of the month. In fact, you can get started right now.