5 Tips for Your Winter Workout

It’s mid-January, and you may be having trouble shedding those extra holiday pounds. And, we understand why.  It’s cold outside and gets dark early. It’s difficult to find the energy to work out when the couch just seems so warm and inviting and when you feel like turning in for the night as soon as the sun sets.  That’s why we’ve put together these tips for a successful winter workout.


Invest in quality clothing for outdoor exercise.

Purchase layers of well-made sportswear. Put a thin, wicking layer underneath a fleece or wool insulating top and add a breathable jacket that keeps out wind and water if you choose to work out in below-freezing temperatures. The clothes will keep you warm while the expense will keep you motivated.


Avoid baggy sweaters.

Choose form-fitting ensembles for your daily wear. Baggy clothes hide extra pounds and can decrease the workout drive.


Exercise on your lunch break.

You naturally want to cuddle up in bed when it’s dark outside instead of heading out for a run. That’s part of the reason why it’s so hard to exercise in the early mornings or evenings during the winter months. Instead, try and get some exercise in on your lunch break, when the sun is nice and bright and you’re alert.


Work with the weather.

Use winter conditions to your advantage. Run, jog, or walk through snow and let the added resistance burn more calories.


Exercise with a partner or a group.

Build an exercise community. Your friends and family can keep you accountable to your workout routine and make sure you stay consistent.


And remember, if you invite your exercise group over, you’ll need to make sure your home insurance policy is up to date in case someone has an accident on your property. Contact one of our agents to take a look at your coverage.