6 Boating Activities for Winter

Kentucky and Barkley lakes teem with life in the summer since nothing compliments 80-degree weather like a pleasant afternoon of sailing. However, many people no longer feel like lake lounging when the weather drops to the 40s, so their boats float idly in a marina or get parked in a backyard for the winter. But we think you might be missing out if you ignore your boat for an entire season because there are plenty of boat-related activities you can enjoy during the colder months.


Boat anyway.

Yes, the weather may be chilly, but boating can still be wonderful—even if you have to bundle up. Fewer people will be out on the water, so you can enjoy winter scenery in near solitude.  


Ski anyway.

There’s no reason why you can’t water ski in the winter. Just invest in a high-quality wetsuit and prepare warm, dry clothes to change into as soon as you’re out of the water.


Fish anyway.

You can still fish in cold weather—especially since the lakes and rivers don’t freeze over in Kentucky. Just make sure you have the right equipment and know weather patterns well enough to find the perfect time to go. You can get tips from this guide.


Take a trip.

It requires some work, but you might consider hitching your boat to a truck and driving it down to warmer climes for a mid-winter boating vacation. If the weather is dreary in Kentucky, why not sail around the Florida Keys?


Get some maintenance done.

Boat maintenance isn’t as fun as sailing, but it’s absolutely necessary. Take the winter months to maintain your engine, make repairs, and do some deep cleaning. You also might want to renew any certifications that might expire before the summer begins and take courses to refresh your knowledge of boat safety.


Review your boating insurance.

Call one of our agents and make sure you have the right insurance for your vessel. We don’t want anything to mar a day on the water—especially an accident that could cost you thousands!