6 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decorations that will Make Your Holiday Enchanting

Thanksgiving can be chaotic, and you’ve got a lot to think about if you’re hosting a traditional dinner. Before the holiday, you’ll determine the number of people coming, what you’re serving, and how to coordinate the cooking. So, decorating may not be first on your mind. That’s why we’ve scoured the internet for some simple but adorable DIY Thanksgiving decorations that will brighten up your home without sucking up your time.


Use fall leaves as place cards.


This one is easy—and inexpensive. Just head outside to find the prettiest and flattest leaves that have fallen from your trees. Then, clean and dry them. Finally, use a paint pen to write guests’ names across each leaf. They’ll look festive when placed in the middle of your plates.


Create tiny pie place cards.


You’re making dessert anyway, so why not incorporate it into your tablescape? You can either make personal mini pies for each guest or place a slice by each plate. Then, fashion small place cards from paper and craft sticks, and wedge them in the middle of your desserts.


Make a gourd garland.


Gourds are perfect for DIY Thanksgiving decorations. They’re inexpensive, last for a few weeks, and make sturdy material for crafting. So, this holiday, tie them together with twine to create a rustic garland you can drape across your fireplace, dining table, or windows.


Craft a fabric pumpkin centerpiece.


This project is more time-consuming than some of our other suggested DIY Thanksgiving decorations, but it’s too adorable to skip. Simply bunch a circle of fabric around some batting and hot glue it to a dried stem. Voila! You’ve made a fabric pumpkin centerpiece you can use for years.


Paint pumpkins for an ombre centerpiece.


This idea is easy, but the results are gorgeous. Pick a fall color, and paint small pumpkins in varying shades—from light to dark. Then, scatter them down the center of your table.


Greet guests with a chalkboard sign.


Instead of a traditional wreath, hang a chalkboard sign from your door with a sweet message for friends and family. You can even decorate it with fall leaves to make it extra festive. Or you could make a sign with chalkboard paint and an old tray.


As you cook and make DIY Thanksgiving decorations, don’t forget to follow safety guidelines for lighting candles and preparing the meal. And make sure you understand the liability limits stated in your home insurance policy before hosting. You want enough to cover any injuries that might occur on your property. Call your Hibbs agent if you need to review your coverage.