6 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Alternatives

Almost everyone loves gifts. Just the thought of a Christmas tree surrounded by brightly colored presents fills most of us with joy and anticipation, even after we’re grown.  But the problem with all that bright packaging is that a lot of wrapping paper isn’t recyclable, and it can quickly turn the season of giving into the season of waste. That’s why we’ve compiled a few simple eco-friendly gift wrap alternatives that will not only help save the planet but might spark your creativity, too. Enjoy!


Reuse different kinds of paper.

Got a stack of newspapers you’ve been meaning to recycle or some old sheet music you no longer need? Use them to wrap your gifts and the recycle them later! Similar options include maps and letters.


Wrap it in fabric.

You can finally find a use for those old shirts you’ve been hoarding or the fabric scraps from your last crafting project. Just pin them around your gifts and tie it all up with a matching bow.


Fabric bags.

You can buy adorable fabric gift bags online or even create your own. They make chic wrapping and will outlast the plastic versions.


Turn chip bags inside out.

Plastic chip bags aren’t recyclable—but they are reusable! Just wash them off and turn them inside out to expose the shiny interiors. Then, wrap them around your smaller items like regular gift paper.


Incorporate cute containers into your gifts.

 You don’t always need wrapping. Purchase attractive baskets, jars, or boxes and then place your items inside. This way, the wrapping becomes a bonus gift!


Devise a scavenger hunt.

Forget the wrapping altogether! Instead, hide presents around your house and provide your family with clues to their whereabouts. The game is not only an eco-friendly method for giving gifts but it’s also a great way to make Christmas memories.


At Hibbs Insurance, we want you to make as many responsible choices as possible. If you like these suggestions and want to become more “green” in other areas of your life, ask us about eco-friendly insurance options, like going paperless.