6 Tips for Night Driving Safety

Of course, we know to follow basic road safety rules. We put our phones down when we’re behind the wheel, and we only drive sober. However, we all still face dangerous situations as drivers, so you need to decrease that danger for yourself and your passengers as much as possible. That’s why you should brush up on the basics of night driving safety.


Take care of your lights.


Dirt and grime can quickly build up on your headlights and taillights, dimming them. Pay extra attention to those areas when you wash your car. You also need to make sure your lights are aimed correctly.


Get rid of windshield streaks.


When cleaning your lights, make sure to get the bugs, dirt, and streaks off your windshield, as well. Remember to wipe your side mirrors, too.


Night Driving Safety Pro Tip: Use newspaper to clean your car windows. It’s a great tool for wiping away residue.


Dim your dashboard.


Today’s vehicles are full of LED lights and computer screens, which can interfere with your ability to see the road at night. Find the dashboard dimmer switch and use it.


Don’t stare at other lights.


Avoid looking at the headlights of oncoming cars so you don’t get temporarily blinded.


Watch out for shiny eyes.  


Small animals like rabbits and raccoons don’t pose much risk on the road, but deer can cause significant damage to a vehicle. Watch out for tiny dots by the side of the road. That could the beam from your headlights bouncing off an animal’s retinas. If you can see an animal before it darts in front of you, then you have a better chance of avoiding it.


Go slow.


Slow down whenever you encounter dangerous situations, and that includes nighttime driving. This will help compensate for decreased visibility.


Take these night driving safety tips to heart, and you’ll have a better chance of avoiding issues after sundown. However, if you find yourself in an accident, our agents are always ready to help you file a claim.