6 Ways to Beat Summer Pests

Summer is a wonderful time full of picnics, trips to the local pool, and vacations. Unfortunately, it’s also full of bugs.  When temperatures rise, so do bug populations. As a result, many people spend their sunny, summer days battling flies, ants, and roaches. But you don’t have to. Just follow these six ways to beat summer pests and get back outside to enjoy the balmy weather with your family.


Keep your yard tidy.

Overgrown grasses and plants attract pests, so make sure you mow and weed regularly. Trim back bushes and trees, as well, and clear the yard of debris.


Get rid of standing water.

The standing water often found in buckets, flower pots, and similar areas serve as a breeding ground for mosquitos, so eliminate them. You might also check your rain spouts and examine your air conditioning unit for leaks that might create puddles.


Clean your kitchen.

Crumbs and food residue create smorgasbords for ants and other insects. Scrub your counters and floors, empty the trash regularly, and remember not to leave dirty dishes in the sink.


Seal your doors and windows.   

Check the seals around your window frames, pipes, dryer vents, and air conditioning units and caulk as needed to keep bugs from entering your home. Also, look for gaps below your doors and holes in your window screens, and then install door sweeps at your thresholds.


Employ a pest control service to spray your house regularly. 

Professional services will visit your home frequently and spray for insects and rodents. It’s an easy way to get peace of mind and enjoy a bug-free house.


Store firewood correctly.

Firewood has a tendency to attract termites, which you don’t want anywhere near your home, shed, or garage. Store your wood in a rack at least five feet away from these buildings to prevent infestations and subsequent damage.