6 Ways To Spend Your Extra Daylight Savings Hour

Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday, and the clocks on our phones will silently fall back while we sleep. This means we’ll all have an extra hour in our day, and it begs the question: What should we do with it?  Many people will probably sleep in, but time is precious and there are many other constructive ways spend your extra daylight savings hour. We’ve come up with a few ideas. 


Hike through Land Between the Lakes with your family.


The temperature may be a bit chilly, but the leaves will be bursting with autumn color around this time. It’s a great chance to bundle up your family and wander down a trail, enjoying all that nature has to offer. 


Make Sunday breakfast.


Many families are too busy to sit down and eat big breakfasts together, so take this opportunity to fry some eggs or make some pancakes and simply enjoy the morning meal.


Start your holiday shopping.


Christmas will be here before we know it, and it’s never too early to begin your shopping. You can take the extra hour today and hit the local mall or scroll through your favorite retail websites.




All book lovers will agree that there’s never enough time in their days to read. Well, use your extra hour to curl up with a blanket and get lost in that novel you’ve been meaning to finish.


Get coffee with a friend.


How often do you meet friends for coffee anymore? It’s one of the social rituals we often neglect when our lives get busy, so call an old friend today and ask them to meet you at the nearest coffee shop. It will be nice to catch up.  


Cross off a “to-do”…such as an insurance update.


This extra hour is a great opportunity to stop procrastinating on your “to-do” list and actually cross off an item. We recommend you take a look at your insurance coverage. You can adjust your auto insurance or make other policy changes online. It’s very simple, and you can finish the task well within that extra hour.