7 Steps for Spring Cleaning Your Car

We know you’ve got a mile-long to-do list this spring—clean the gutters, wash the windows, plant the flowers, trim the bushes, clean out the garage, and so on. But, before you get lost in the household chores, take just a few hours and consider your car. Winter has come and gone and left your vehicle in a layer of salt and grime. Here are seven steps for spring cleaning your car:


Clean the Exterior.

Preserve the finish on your car, truck, or van by washing that layer of road salt and grime off the body. Make sure you pay attention to a few specific areas:

  • The wheels—remove and clean the hub caps and then scrub the tires and wheel wells.
  • The windows and mirrors—shine these areas for maximum driver safety.
  • The engine area—clear out any leaves or debris. Get your engine professionally cleaned if necessary.
  • The trunk—clear out any trash or forgotten items, and then vacuum it out.


Apply Wax.

Protect the finish and strengthen the paint with a generous coat of wax.


Clean the Interior.

Keep the inside of your vehicle nice and tidy. Check off these tasks:

  • Clear out any trash that has accumulated during the summer months.
  • Vacuum the floors and seats and wash the mats.
  • Clean the upholstery with a damp towel.
  • Use a wet cloth to clean the console, but make sure you don’t drench the electronics in water. Dry the console thoroughly.


Replace the Winter Tires.

Never leave winter tires on a vehicle year-round. This is dangerous and can damage your car or truck.


Check Your Wiper Blades.

Temperature changes could affect your wiper blades. Inspect them for cracks and signs of wear. Replace them if necessary.


Look Under the Hood.

Examine the belts and hoses for brittleness and wear, and make sure your coolant hasn’t gotten too old.


Check the Alignment and Suspension.

Winter often wreaks havoc on roads, so if you regularly drive over potholes, get your alignment and suspension checked the next time you see a mechanic.


Spring might also be a great time to review your car insurance policy. Call us today at 270-554-2105 and make sure your coverage still meets your needs.