8 Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Winter has arrived with its blistering winds and chilly temperatures. Maybe you love it and relish playing in the snow or snuggling up by the fire. Or, perhaps you’re already dreaming about summer. But we know NO ONE likes shelling out tons of cash to keep their home toasty. We want to help you out by offering energy saving tips and tricks for saving precious energy and keeping those heating bills down.


1. Bundle Up!

Rather than turning up the heat, put on extra clothes. Wear a comfy sweater and a snug hat indoors and snuggle up under blankets so you can keep your home at a lower—and cost-saving—temperature.


2. Snuggle In

Turn your thermostat down a few degrees each night and add extra blankets to the beds in your house. You’ll save energy and stay cozy as you sleep.


3. Insulate

Make sure your house is sufficiently insulated so hot air doesn’t escape. You can start by getting inexpensive foam weather stripping to seal your doors and windows.


4. Light Right

Switch your incandescent holiday lights to new LEDs. They use 75 percent less energy than incandescent. They also don’t get quite as hot, so they’re a safer option.


5. Open Up

Throw open your curtains on sunny days and let the sun brighten up your home and keep it warm. Then, close them after sunset to keep the heat in.


6. Unplug

Unplug your Christmas lights and small appliances when they’re not in use. An electronic gadget will draw power from an outlet even if it’s switched off. You can even use power strips, so you have less to switch on and off throughout your home.


7. Program Your Heating

A programmable thermostat can adjust your heat according to your schedule. When you’re home, it will keep the house cozy, but it will lower the temperature when you’re at work so you can save energy.


8. Check Your Lights

Turn off the lights when you exit rooms to avoid energy waste and make sure you’ve turned all your light switches off when you leave for extended holiday visits. You don’t want to pay for lighting when you’re not around to use it.