Apartment Tips:
Four Suggestions for Finding the Perfect Space

A home should be your respite—even if you’re just renting. You want the tension to release from your shoulders as soon as you step through the door. It’s not always easy for renters to find that perfect place, so we’ve put together a list of handy apartment tips.


Look for apartments in terrible weather.


Few people want to move in colder months, which is why you should seriously consider it. Rates could fall in off-seasons, and the owner of a given apartment might be more likely to negotiate when fewer people want to rent.


Another great apartment tip is to take your tour in the rain. This way, you’ll know for sure if the roof is going to leak.


Make sure the new location won’t hike your auto insurance premiums.


Auto insurance premiums are based, in part, on your garaging address, or where you regularly park your car. If you live in an area where your vehicle is more likely to get vandalized, your rate will be higher. Call your Hibbs agent before renting to make sure the new location won’t cost you in premiums.


Open doors and turn knobs.


Take a VERY thorough tour of an apartment before you sign a lease. Open the cupboards to make sure the doors are hung correctly and all the shelves are in place. Turn the faucets to make sure they work, switch the oven on and off, and check the outlets. One of the most important apartment tips is to check the shower pressure. No one wants to be stuck bathing under a trickle.


Be friendly.


Landlords want tenants they like, so act personable and strike up a conversation. If the space is in high demand, a connection with the owner will go a long way.


And, of course, the best apartment tip we can give is to protect your space and everything in it. Once you find that perfect rental, call a Hibbs agent to get a renter’s insurance policy.