How to Wow Your Loved Ones with Cheap Gifts this Christmas

Christmas is a time of love, joy—and expense. What you don’t spend on food and decorations, you’ll probably shell out for gifts. If you’re not careful, you can blow your budget and damage your bank account before Santa has a chance to board his sleigh. However, with some thought and creativity, you can cut out some of the expense with cheap gifts that will still wow your loved ones.


Sentimental items


Cost doesn’t always determine the value of a present. Think about your loved one carefully and find a gift that will bring back happy memories—even if it doesn’t cost a lot. Maybe get a bottle of sauce from their favorite hometown restaurant or a t-shirt that matches one they owned as a child. With some effort, your cheap gifts can make an impression.


Photo books


This is an easy present for any parent to make. Most grandparents and great-grandparents adore photo books and calendars full of smiling grandchildren. It’s a simple gift that will give immense amounts of joy.


Secondhand toys and games


Secondhand toys might seem low-quality—but they don’t have to be. Start looking on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace a few months before the holidays, and you’ll find plenty of toys in great shape. Most of the time, your children won’t even know their new games and puzzles are cheap gifts. And more than likely, they won’t care. If a toy is fun, your kids won’t mind where you get it.


Gifts that can wait


Not every present must be given immediately, especially when it involves an experience. Spread the Christmas joy—and cost—throughout the year and provide tickets to amusement parks and spring concerts or offer to pay for summer camps and activities. Your loved one will have something fun to anticipate, and you can pay for the gift a few months after Christmas when your bank account has recovered from the holidays.