Find Your New Year’s Resolution for 2021

This is, traditionally, the time of year when we take stock of our lives and decide how to improve. It’s not always easy to identify a reachable goal and then make a game plan for achieving it—which is why a New Year’s resolution has a high chance of failing.


Therefore, we’ve dug deep into our archives to suggest reasonable goals and offer resource links that could help you reach them.


Make your home better and safer:


Everyone tries to take care of their home, but life and its chaos often get in the way. For your New Year’s resolution, open your calendar and schedule time to reduce fire hazards and improve air quality in your house. If you have an infant or are expecting, read up on baby proofing and add that to the list.


Next, head outside and raise your bar on backyard safety. You might also want to spruce up your landscaping, so do some research on budget gardening.


These goals will improve the quality of life in your home, but they will also help you sell it. If you plan to move in 2021, use this time to prepare the house for sale and, ultimately, boost its equity.


Spend more time outdoors:


Everyone should make a New Year’s resolution to get more fresh air! Find an RV rental company and plan a vacation to fun camping spots this summer. If you live in Kentucky, you should also take advantage of our lakes and spend more time boating or swimming. Just be mindful of fishing and water safety.


Spend more time with family:


It’s time to slow your life down and become more intentional about connecting with loved ones. Block off time each day to spend with your children and schedule weekly calls to family members.


Then, round up your kids and plan a summer vacation. Maybe you could visit a fun amusement park and stop at roadside attractions along the way. As always, remember your road trip safety tips.


Finally, when August hits this year, go all out for Family Fun Month! Plan quirky activities for every weekend (or every day) that will help create beautiful family memories. At the end of the month, your family will thank you for working so hard on this New Year’s resolution.


Keep up with insurance to-dos:


It might not seem as fun as spending more time with family or getting more fresh air, but you should make a New Year’s resolution to keep track of insurance needs and tasks. You never want to get caught in a bad situation without proper coverage.


This year, learn the basics of life insurance and decide if it’s time for you or your parents to get long-term care coverage. You also need to regularly update your insurance and keep thorough records of any possessions you will want to replace after theft or damage.


If it helps, go through this insurance checklist to make sure you’re on top of things in 2021.