Finding a Reliable House Sitter

It’s just about time to start planning your summer vacation! We know you want this to be a time when you can rest and relax without worrying over things at home, so we suggest you find a house sitter.


A house sitter will not only water your plants and walk your dog, but they will also keep watch over your house so no one can take advantage of your absence. Of course, you’ll want to leave your house keys with someone trustworthy, so we’ve got a few ideas for finding a good house sitter.


Ask someone you know.


It’s usually wise to ask a family member or close friend to house sit, if possible. Maybe even try to find a local college student who has some free time and could easily take care of your pets and plants.


Use a professional site.


You could peruse an online service like,,,, and even to find a reputable person to watch your home. However, you might have to buy a subscription before using one of these sites.


Check social media profiles.


If you’re going to invite someone into your home, it doesn’t hurt to do a bit of research. Check out your house sitter on social media to get a sense of their personality and temperament.


Test out the house sitter.


If you’re planning to go away for a while, you might want to give your house sitter a trial run before handing over your keys for a month or two. Plan a weekend trip, and then see how well this person can manage your house for that short period of time. If they can’t complete a simple list of responsibilities or if they don’t get along with your pets, maybe you should keep looking.


Give clear instructions.


Once you do find a reliable person to watch your home and pets, you’ll need to clearly outline what tasks you want them to complete while you’re away. If you want them to water plants, dust the house, feed your cats, or get your mail, write it down. Also, remember to write down all emergency numbers the house sitter may need while you’re away.


If you select your sitter carefully, you shouldn’t have to worry about theft or vandalism while you’re on vacation. But just in case, make sure you’ve documented the valuables in your home so you can easily file claims with your insurance.