Five Tips for Planting a Vegetable Garden

The weather is warm, the flowers are growing, and it’s time to start planting vegetables! A vegetable garden is not only a great hobby, but it’s also a wonderful source of inexpensive but nutritious food. And, contrary to what you might think, it doesn’t take a ton of expertise to raise produce. You just need to know a few basics. Here are a few tips for planting a vegetable garden to get you started.


Pick the right spot.


Choose a spot for your vegetable garden that gets at least seven hours of full sun per day and is located close enough to a spigot for efficient watering.


Plant in raised beds.


Raised beds are one of the most efficient ways to grow vegetables. Not only can you fill them with rich, loose soil, but they also make great use of space because they don’t need room for paths between rows. Plants raised in them are also grown so close together that they make watering more efficient while also crowding out weeds.


Let your plants climb.


Vertical crops will increase your overall yield because they make great use of available space. Plant produce in your vegetable garden like tomatoes, pole beans, peas, and melons, and then erect trellises, fences, cages, or stakes for them to climb.


Rotate your crops.


Don’t grow the same plants in the same spots year after year because particular organisms will accumulate in the soil and eventually cause diseases. Avoid that by switching up the crops. Different plants are vulnerable to different diseases, so rotating your crops will keep the soil in good condition.


Plant in succession.


Make the most of your gardening space by continually planting and harvesting crops. Every time one is finished, plant another in its place. This can give you multiple harvests per year out of a single spot. You can easily accomplish it by growing seedlings in pots until they’re ready to be transplanted into the soil.


And once you are done planting a vegetable garden, you’re going to want to protect it. Call us for a home insurance quote to make sure you’ve got the right policy to protect both your home and your property—including whatever delicious veggies you happen to be growing this year.