Home Decor 101

Some people are born with an eye for home decor. They know what patterns coordinate and which rugs will tie a room together. The rest of us have to make it up as we go along. If you’re in the latter category, take a look at these basic home décor guidelines, and transform your home from garish to gorgeous.


Stay consistent.


Your house needs to have a set aesthetic. Pick one home décor theme (such as bohemian, farmhouse, mid-century modern, or French country) and use it for every room. The consistency will keep your designs cohesive.




Each room needs a focal point. Choose a large painting for your living room or a funky chandelier for your dining room. This item will anchor your design, and you can choose furniture, pillows, and other elements to complement it.


Incorporate a signature color.


Repeat a single color throughout the home. You don’t have to use it as the primary color for every room but use touches of it here and there to tie the entire home décor together.


Invest wisely.


Most people can’t afford to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on every chair or pillow in their home. Instead, choose one or two basic items in which to invest, such as a couch or a dining room table. Mixing a few high-dollar pieces with more affordable choices will help you balance taste and affordability.




Don’t overstuff a space. Every once in a while, take a look at your home and identify the clutter. Give your furniture, shelves, and walls room to breathe.


Keep it light.


Think about how light will impact a design. You might need to paint a room a lighter color to brighten it up if it lacks windows, or you may need to purchase lamps or mirrors to help illuminate a space.


Keep a list.


This may not be a home décor tip, but it’s still helpful. Document all valuable items in your home as you choose your décor. Either photograph or film each piece and keep receipts if you can. You’ll want a record of your possessions if anything happens to your property and you need to make an insurance claim. Get this task squared away while decorating your home, so you don’t have to worry about it later.