Ease Your Burdens with a Helpful Home Improvement App

A home renovation isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires massive amounts of time, money, and creativity, and sometimes, a frustrated homeowner might choose to sell a house instead of finishing it. Fortunately, the tech industry is making life easier for the average Joe. It has produced a remarkably creative tool: the home improvement app. Take a look at a few that we found interesting.


MagicPlan (iOS)


MagicPlan comes in handy during a renovation’s planning stages. You can use it to create detailed sketches and floor plans, calculate cost estimates, and more.


Measured by Lowe’s (iOS)


Produced by Lowe’s Home Improvement, this home improvement app takes measurements using your phone’s camera. You can even save those measurements for future reference.


wikiHow (Android, iOS)


This app is a must for any DIY enthusiast. Essentially, it’s a how-to encyclopedia for various tasks, including home improvement jobs. Users enjoy step-by-step instructions featuring photos and videos.  


Room Planner (iOS)


Some people have an eye for decorating and understand its basic concepts. However, the rest of us could use some practice. Room Planner helps you visualize interior designs featuring furniture from world-famous brands. The app can even help plan your decorating budget.


Housepad (iOS, Android)


This home improvement app works well during a renovation or daily life. It allows you to assign tasks to household members and share the list with your roommates or family. You can even use it to send messages and reminders, so chores never get neglected.


Handy (iOS, Android)


As we have said, home renovation isn’t easy, and sometimes, you need to call in professionals. Use Handy to book reliable home cleaners, handymen, electricians, plumbers, and more in your area. You can even use the app for cashless payment and tipping.


Just a reminder! As you renovate your home, keep your home insurance policy in mind. If you change your home’s square footage, then you’ll need to adjust your insurance to stay fully covered.