How to Conduct Spring RV Maintenance

A winter chill is still in the air, but that’s not going to last long. Give it a month or so, and the days will be long enough and the temperatures warm enough to start thinking about a spring road trip. If you’re an RV owner, though, you can’t just fire up the engine and head down the road. You had to prepare the vehicle for winter, so now, you also have to perform spring RV prep.


The process is a little involved, so take a look at these tips and start gathering supplies and finding time in your schedule to give the RV some good spring maintenance.


De-winterize the RV.


As a responsible RV owner, you’ve probably had to winterize the vehicle, draining your tanks and water lines and adding anti-freeze. Now, you have to de-winterize and check your systems to make sure they’re in working order. Read this handy guide for tips.


Restock your emergency supplies.


If you’ve used your RV over the winter, check your emergency items to ensure you have enough for the next challenging situation. Make sure you have flashlights, batteries, first aid supplies, water, basic tools, etc. You should also examine any medicines that you keep in the RV and replace what has expired.


Wash and wax the exterior.


Dirt, bugs, and bird excrement can harm a vehicle’s finish, so give it a good wash and wax during your spring RV maintenance routine. Just make sure to use products designed for RVs and start at the top before working your way down to the bottom. Also, don’t forget to clean the awning!


Cover all of the cleaning basics.


Vacuum the carpets, furniture, and rugs. Wash the bedding and blankets. Clean out the fridge and throw away any expired food. Purge and wipe out the cabinets. Disinfect the bathroom and kitchen. Wash the windows—inside and out.


Check for unwanted passengers.


As you clean, keep an eye out for evidence of bugs, spiders, and mice. You might need to call an exterminator.


Start planning your next adventure.


Once you’ve completed spring RV prep, then the fun can start. Get together with your family and start mapping out your next road trip. You might even think about visiting one or two quirky roadside attractions.