How to Find the Best RV Insurance Discounts

How to Find the Best RV Insurance Discounts

Preparing to hit the road this summer with your family? Make sure you’ve snagged all RV insurance discounts possible before heading out. Just read our quick tips for saving money on a motorhome policy.


Drive safely.


Like regular car insurance, RV insurance premiums rise with frequent accidents. So, stay alert. Don’t take risks. And keep your RV in working order. The safer you are, the more you save.


Also, consider taking a safe driving course. These classes will help you avoid accidents, and some insurance carriers award discounts for attending


Purchase multiple policies with the same carrier.


Many insurance companies lower premiums for “bundled” policies, such as home, auto, and RV insurance. Your Hibbs agent can help you find a company that will cover all your assets.


Ask about military and professional discounts.


Sometimes, you can receive a break on your premium if you serve in the military or work as a teacher, government employee, or healthcare provider. Remember to ask about any career-related RV insurance discounts for which you may be eligible.


Mention partner organizations.


Customers often enjoy lower premiums if they maintain memberships in certain organizations. For example, you could get an RV insurance discount if you belong to an RV club.


Maintain a good credit score.


Insurance companies view a high credit score as a sign of trustworthiness. Therefore, they award lower premiums to those who can maintain them. So, do everything you can to raise your score.


Get usage-based insurance.


If you rarely drive your RV, then explore usage-based insurance. This type of policy carries a premium determined by factors such as RV type and distance driven.


Go green.


Some carriers offer discounts for customers who opt for paperless billing. So, pay your premiums online, and do something good for the earth and your wallet.


Pay in full.


Pay your annual premium in full instead of opting for monthly installments. Insurance companies often give breaks to those willing to pay the lump sum because it costs less to process one big payment than 12 smaller ones.


If you have any questions about RV insurance discounts, give us a call. Our agents will be happy to offer more advice.