How to Get Better Gas Mileage

The world ground to a halt this spring, and many of us are still reeling from the havoc wreaked upon our economy. It’s more important than ever to save money where we can this summer, and that includes pinching pennies on day-to-day expenses like gas. Fortunately, there are a few, simple things you can do to increase your vehicle’s fuel economy and save.  Check out these tips on how to get better gas mileage.


Pay attention to your tire pressure.


Tires that are either overinflated or underinflated will increase your vehicle’s costs. Underinflated tires reduce the mileage and also cause uneven wear. Overinflated tires will increase wear, as well, and you will have to replace them more quickly.


Keep things smooth.


Quick starts and stops waste a lot of gas, so try your best to accelerate and decelerate smoothly. Not only will you save money, but your passengers will appreciate the easy ride, too.


Lighten your load.


Your vehicle will burn more gas when it has to carry extra weight, so empty out your trunk and pack light for that summer road trip. If you don’t need to carry passengers, you might even consider removing your rear seats.  


Take care of your car.


Get regular tune-ups because an efficient engine maximizes fuel economy.


Use the right motor oil. 


Figure out what motor oil your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends and stick to it. A well-running engine saves gas.


Use the air conditioner conservatively.


It costs more money to run your air conditioner on high at home, and the same goes for your car. Refrain from pushing the A/C to its coldest settings during the summer, and that will help conserve more fuel.


Of course, none of these savings will matter much if you get into an accident without a decent auto insurance policy. Call the experts at Hibbs Insurance and find the best coverage for you and your family.